Deborah S. - Gaill Blackburn Healer TestimonialGaill is a compassionate healer with a true gift. I saw her a couple of months ago for a soul-realignment and energy healing. I work in a field to motivate others and help them remove their fears; however, I had a huge fear that was standing in my way and preventing me from walking my most divine path. I gave my information to her prior to the session, and she had all of the information I needed to know by the time I arrived.

She shared her findings with me and made a few subtle shifts in a very kind manner. Ever since then, my whole life shifted. The thing that I was afraid to “come out of the closet about” – tarot reading – was now burning in my heart again as freely as it did when I first fell in love with the cards as a tool for transformation. Only one difference, now I don’t feel like I have to hide this. In fact, I have been more motivated, and revamped my website to include it in my practice.

The effect of Gaill’s healing was subtle but profound. I have been much more motivated to do my work. Where I used to procrastinate because of fear, now I just get stuff done. Even when I’m afraid, it doesn’t stop me.  I don’t pretend to understand everything that she did, but it works, and Gaill is a magnificent presence. She’s kind, compassionate and honest. Thank you, Gaill!

Deborah S.

Deborah S. - Gaill Blackburn Healer TestimonialI can only say wonderful things about Gaill. I am a professional singer/actor and got sick and lost my voice completely in a very important time of the tour I was on. Being a Reiki healer myself in addition to my acting, I knew the benefits of the healing hands and so my mom, being Gaill’s friend, referred me to her. She generously gave of her time and energy to me on a minute’s notice to help me become calmer about the situation and helped to open the areas that were blocked to start the healing process.

I definitely had a very intense session both physically and emotionally on her table and it was all because of her wonderful, powerful energy. She makes you feel very safe and open to whatever happens in that room. I was able to perform a few days later and I know it had to do with the help of Gaill! Thank you for helping me heal during a VERY IMPORTANT time! If I didn’t live across the country, and now across the world, I would run to see her more often! I highly recommend her for all of you healing needs!

Brian G.

Thank you Gaill. I don’t know how you did it but I went in incredibly high strung, worn out, not knowing which way to turn, and came out more relaxed than a session with a massage and chiropractor combined. To have clarity and a solid game plan towards your life purpose is priceless. You really were the catalyst in my decision to open myself up to what I already had hiding inside. Your wonderful guidance and encouragement and opening up my esoteric wisdom.

I’m working with Angels and I’m very comfortable with their guidance and messages. You are a wonderful Energy Healer, and I’m very grateful for your kindness and help with me. I’m back in CA, and making new decisions daily with regards on which direction I’m going in. Thank you for your encouragement on which path I should take. I am grateful for all the information you took the time to share with me.

Gini T.

Unfortunately my eight year old daughter had to undergo hip surgery which was incredibly painful for her (and actually for the entire family as well). Several days after the surgery Gaill came and did what I call her “Kumbaya” stuff on my daughter and I was absolutey amazed to watch my beautiful daughter who was wimpering with pain do a “180” and burst out in uncontrollabe laughter. I had no idea what was going on except the miracle that my daughter was no longer in pain. What a relief…  I am now truly a believer!

Mark T.


Years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I can say that I have literally tried everything under the sun to no avail. MS is a “stubborn disease” and I felt incredibly blessed when Gaill told me she too was as stubborn as it gets and would not accept anything less than the best for me. We are in this together for as long as it takes and if there are times when I get frustrated, I step back and take the time to realize how far I actually have come – which is very far! I also realize how critical it is to keep a positive attitude no matter what, and to rephrase my self talk to let the MS know that I will not accept defeat. Thank you Gaill for your unwavering dedication – more than anything you give me HOPE!

Barb C.

As a realtor, I am always on the go and stressed out… As a mom, I never seem to take the time to take care of myself like I know I should. I am so grateful that I took the time to have Gaill work her magic on me… I immediately felt surrounded by God’s love as if a baby cradled unconditionally and was able to release what felt like decades of baggage. Everyone should experience Gaill’s gift!

Shellece S..


I am a healer myself and slowly felt the impact of other’s energy on me. Gaill performed an energetic clearing through a soul realignment session and the difference has been phenomenal! At first I didn’t feel too much, then the next day I felt a strong “loss” almost like grieving. Gaill explained that the feeling of loss was a good thing and that I finally had the opportunity to bathe in just “my” energy. I do the homework she gave me daily in order to reinforce what was done and truly feel like an entirely new, revitalized person!

Howard C.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and at 82 years old decided to go the all natural route. Not only is Gaill my daughter, but she is also an integral part of my “wellness.” I have learned so much about energy healing over the past year, although there is alot more that I don’t understand! Watching the changes my daughter has made over the past decade has been awe inspiring as her faith and belief in the unknown appear unshakable. She inspires me daily as I watch all the lives she changes for the better, including my own. Gaill prides herself in empowering her clients, and makes sure they always know that she is merely a conduit for a much higher power.

Arlyn H.

Gaill is an incredible healer with an in depth knowledge of her craft. She is able to create a warm. loving and safe environment for healing to occur, and you can certainly feel Archangel Raphael’s amazing healing energy. Her natural abilities in working with energy and her perceptive insights will simply amaze you!

Lisa N.




All healing sessions with me are for personal and spiritual growth purposes only. I am not a medical doctor and therefore I do not diagnose medical conditions. My sessions are not a substitute for advice or treatment that you would normally receive from a professional such as a doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist or financial advisor. It is advised that clients in crisis first seek professional help.