Property Clearing –

Our homes should be our sacred spaces, however many places hold the negative vibrations of the past, or contain open doorways to negative influences.  Property clearing means to “clear” a space, place or property energetically.  Most clients feel the effects of a clearing immediately.

A house, building or structure, and the land it was built on, compiles and absorbs human emotion and energy. Most homes, buildings and property, have some level of toxicity that is unhealthy for human habitation. Negative energy can and will affect people on multiple levels.

What is being cleared is negative, discordant and unhealthy energy.  Clearing the home is often used when a home has just been bought or sold, in divorce situations, or just when there is a feeling of unrest in the home or on the property. Office clearings are frequently used to achieve a more positive work environment.

By clearing a property, it clears negative or lower energies, and the people living in the home or working in that office will feel better. People who come into the home or on the property will feel better, be comfortable and more at ease than before the clearing was conducted.