Gaill Blackburn –

Passionate about helping others to live their absolute best life possible, Gaill Blackburn is a wife and mother as well as healer, intuitive, best-selling author, speaker, coach, non-profit co-founder, and volunteer. She considers herself a rather eclectic entrepreneur, with a BS in Business Management, an AA in Construction Drafting, and a diverse background consisting of art, graphics, construction, business, project management, computers, web design, writing, and various forms of energy healing. Her lofty career ambitions took a drastic turn when she gave birth to a beautiful, differently-abled daughter in 1997 and realized what was truly important in life. She left corporate America to care for her daughter and subsequently immersed herself in the world of Volunteerism.

Gaill is happily married to Bret, a two-time traumatic brain injury survivor, and mom to Britney, who has already endured over 28 surgeries. Her family is her life, and she revels in her husband and daughter’s determination to not let anything get them down. She was the Co-Founder of Motivational Small Talk Inc., a non-profit corporation that specialized in bully prevention, diversity and dwarfism awareness, disability education, and motivational speaking.

Gaill started asking God to use her as a vessel to share his love and a vehicle to spread his work almost two decades ago and has been led on a spiritual quest ever since. She has studied a variety of healing methods, and as most healers, developed her own style encompassing the best of each of them. She is an Intuitive and certified as a Reiki Master, Spiritual Energy Healer, Shamanic Practitioner, Soul Realignment Specialist, Book of Life Specialist, Law of Attraction Coach, Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner, Life Optimization Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, and is also certified in Sacred Money Archetypes, Hypnosis, LaHo-Chi, and working with Angels.

Gaill absolutely loves helping others, and feels incredibly blessed to achieve this through her God given gifts for which she is eternally grateful. You can find out more about Gaill online at and