Is this against my religion?

People from all religions and spiritual paths can participate in energy work.  There is no doctrine involved and you may bring with you any loving guide or Deity that you revere.  In fact, it doesn’t matter if you even believe in God at all.  All that is necessary for this work is a desire to bring the whole of your being up to its fullest maximum potential.  Olympic athletes, government officials, physicians, priests — people from all walks of life — utilize and benefit from energy work.  By clearing negative energy you can break free of the  wounds that haunt you, habits that drive you, and fears that hinder your progress.  This work can serve as a doorway through which you may access new power, heightened confidence and creativity for your life.  You can discover your true Self, realize your full potential, and manifest your deepest dreams!

What if I’m not sure what to do?

It’s perfectly healthy and reasonable to have doubts about any new technology that involves your personal DNA or energy matrix.  I encourage every individual to consult God/Spirit/The Universe, and to listen to their inner voice and higher self before working with any new energy healer, teacher, or method.  Ask if this is the right process and right person for your highest good, and if so, if this is the right timing.  If you still feel attracted to this work, to these words, to the energy of this website, or to anything else herein, this may be an indication to you that you are being led here for a reason.  Continue to listen until you feel comfortable that you know what that reason is, and then go for it…  Commit at the deepest level for the highest result!

Will I Feel Anything During the Process?

What people experience during the process is completely individual.  Most report feeling loved and extremely relaxed.  Some have a gentle sense of release.  Others cry and experience intense feelings, muscle tremors, or other somatic manifestations.  Some see images of events which they identify as past or future lives or selves.  All of these responses are normal and completely safe.  Your practitioner knows how to speed up your process if it is not moving, or slow it down if it becomes too intense.